John Roan Students Shine at Model United Nations Conference

22/02/2024 General School News
John Roan Students Shine at Model United Nations Conference

In a remarkable display of diplomacy and research prowess, two of our Year 9 students recently represented The John Roan School at the prestigious Model United Nations (MUN) High School Conference held at the London School of Economics (LSE). Participating in a forum that simulates the United Nations, our students engaged in high-level debates on the pressing issue of humanitarian aid in conflict zones, showcasing maturity and intellect well beyond their years.

Despite being among the youngest participants, our students quickly made their mark with their in-depth research and proactive stance in forming alliances. Their strategic approach, focusing on challenging and persuading other delegates to realign their views with the evolving global landscape, initially made them a formidable force, earning them a reputation as keen debaters.

Throughout the weekend, their hard work culminated in the drafting of a comprehensive resolution paper, which, thanks to their persuasive skills and dedication, was signed by a majority of the countries represented in their committee. In a crowning achievement, Joe, one of our students, had the honour of presenting this resolution at the General Assembly as one of its sponsors. His outstanding contributions were recognised when he was awarded the prestigious Research Award for his committee.

This achievement not only highlights the exceptional talents of our students but also their potential to be influential leaders in the future. The ability to navigate complex discussions, form strategic alliances, and propose viable solutions to global challenges speaks volumes of their capability to contribute meaningfully to international diplomacy and politics.

We are immensely proud of our students for their achievements at the MUN conference. Their success is a testament to their hard work, the quality of education at The John Roan School, and the invaluable support provided by the John Roan Foundation, which sponsors a student each year to participate in such enriching experiences.

The dedication and skill demonstrated by our students at the LSE MUN Conference give us great confidence that the future is indeed bright, with the next generation ready to take on the world's challenges with intelligence, empathy, and resolve.

Congratulations to our young diplomats! Your John Roan family could not be prouder.

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