Applications for a place in year 7

Applications for a place at The John Roan School should be made via the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Admissions Timetable for a place in Year 7 starting in September 2024

Stage of process Date
Application period starts 1 September 2023
Closing date for applications 31 October 2023
Outcome of applications 1 March 2024
Deadline for accepting the offer 15 March 2024
Deadline for lodging appeals against a decision not to offer a place at The John Roan School – see timetable below 29 March 2024
Appeal hearings May and June 2024
Induction day at secondary school 3 July 2024

We accept applications from students across South London, including Greenwich, Bexley, Bromley, Lewisham and Southwark.

Further information can be found on the secondary admissions pages of the Royal Borough of Greenwich website here

How places are allocated

After the admission of pupils with an Education, Health and Care plan naming the school, priority will be given in the following order to:

(1) Looked after children and previously looked after children who have been adopted or become subject to child arrangements or special guardianship order, immediately following having been looked after, including foster care.  Including internationally adopted previously looked after children.  (new).

(2) Children or their immediate family member with a chronic medical condition or social care need that can only be met if a child attends a particular school.

Applicants need to set out the reasons why the school can best meet needs and the implications for the child or immediate family member if a place was not obtained at the school. Evidence of the condition or need must be submitted with the application, such as a letter from a registered health professional or practitioner i.e. a doctor or social worker.

(3) Children who have a sibling (brother or sister) living at the same address who will be attending the school at the time of the child’s admission.

A sibling means a full/half/step/adopted/foster brother or sister living at the same address. The John Roan School also accepts siblings to mean those attending our Sixth Form Provision.

If you have an older child or children already attending the school, you need to make this clear on your application.

(4) Children of staff working at the academy

(5) Other children based on home to school distance.

Distance from home to school is measured as a straight line from the centre of the home address to the centre of the school site. In the event that two or more applicants have equal right to a place under any of the above criteria, priority will be given to those who live nearest to the school. Should two or more applicants live an equal distance from the school, including instances where more than one applicant lives in a multi-occupancy building, the offer of a place will be decided by random allocation.

The home address is considered to be where the child resides as their only or principal residence. Proof of liability for Council Tax will be required. If the child resides equally between both parents, the principal home address will be considered to be the address of the parent who is in receipt of any benefits for the child (if applicable) and named on the child’s passport, the address at which the child is registered with a GP and at primary school. However, this is not an exhaustive list and all evidence will be taken into account. If the child’s residence is not split equally between both parents, then the address used will be the address where the child spends the majority of the school week.

In establishing the principal home address we reserve the right to ask for further information (such as proof of the tenancy period) and to check records held within the Council and with external agencies. If a false address is given and an offer of a school place is made on the basis of that address, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a school place at any stage during the secondary admissions process.

Waiting lists

Waiting lists are maintained in the same order as the published admission criteria. Priority is not given on the basis of when a child’s name was added to the list or whether an offer of an alternative school has been accepted.  Waiting lists are maintained for the entire academic year.

Admission of children outside their normal age group

Any request for a child to be educated outside their normal age group must be put in writing. Supporting documentation may be provided to support such a request. A decision will be based on the individual merits of the case. The decision and how it was reached will be confirmed in writing. There is no formal right of appeal.

Appeals against decision not to offer a place

Appeals against decision not to offer a place

Parents and carers have the right to appeal against the decision not to offer the child a place at any of the schools applied for. Appeals will be heard by an independent appeals panel in accordance with the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

All appeals must be logged through the Admissions email - 

29 March 2024

Deadline for lodging Appeals against a decision not to offer a place at The John Roan School.

May - June
  • Appeals will be heard up to 40 school days after the deadline.
  • Appellants will receive at least 10 days notice of their appeal hearing.
  • Decision letters will be sent within 5 school days of the hearing wherever possible.
Late Applicants

Appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the

deadline for lodging appeals – where possible, or

within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

In-Year Appeals

Will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being


Post-16 Appeals
  1. Where the offer of a place would have been conditional on exam results, appeals will be heard within 30 school days of confirmation of those results.
  2. Where the offer of a place would not have been conditional on exam results, appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.
Admissions for children with SEND and disabilities

United Learning Trust is committed to ensuring that the necessary provision is made for every pupil within their schools’ communities. The Trust celebrates the inclusive nature of their schools and strives to meet the needs of all pupils with a special educational need and/or disability.

Normal admissions arrangements will apply for children with disabilities.

Children with an EHCP (Education, Health and Care plan) naming the school are given priority as per our Admissions Policy.

The Assistant Principal - Student Support and the Head of the Centre for Autism will meet with parents whose child may have additional needs. The Assistant Principal responsible for Student Support or the Head of Year will meet with the parents/carers of new pupils to The John Roan School. They will gather all relevant information including regarding any SEND. New pupils have an induction programme and part of this is delivered by an allocated Learning Coach.

Click here for more information about our SEND provision.

In-year applications

Applications for a place at The John Roan School outside of the annual year 7 intake each September should be made to The John Roan School directly.

To apply for an In-Year place, please download and complete this form.

Completed forms should be returned, along with all original documentary proof, to:

The John Roan School

Westcombe Park Road

London SE3 7QR

For further information, contact our Admissions Team on 

Sixth Form Admissions

Applications to join our Sixth Form are the direct responsibility of our Sixth Form team, click here to find our more about the courses that we offer and minimum grades required.

Offers of a place to study in our Sixth Form are  subject to students achieving the minimum grades required for their chosen course and an academic reference from their current school.

The communication is frequent and informative through different mediums e.g. Emails, text, phone call, information evening, newsletters.All staff are very approachable.Head of Year 7, Mr Duncan, is excellent and a fantastic role model for our son. Headteacher, Cath Smith, took the time to meet with myself and my husband when we were deciding about the school and this was so appreciated and helpful. Now both our children attend the school and we have been very satisfied with the approach, support and communication."    Parent/Carer Survey Oct 2022

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