Reports at The John Roan School

Parents, carers and students can expect to receive Report Cards twice in each academic year. In 2022 we introduced a improved school report with the aim of giving parents. carers and students a much clearer picture of how the student is progressing.

You can expect to receive Report Cards at the following times in the year:

Year Group Report 1 Report 2
7 Mid-Year (February half term) Year End (July)
8 Mid-Year (February half term) Year End (July)
9 Mid-Year (February half term) Year End (July)
10 Mid-Year (February half term) Year End (July)
11 Mock 1 (December) Mock 2 (March)
12 Mid-Year (January) Year End (July)
13 Mock 1 (January) Mock 2 (March)

School reports are broken down in to the following areas:

Pastoral Report

This section includes the following details as at that point in their current academic year:

  • the student's attendance
  • the number of times they have been late to school
  • PRIDE points received to date
  • detentions earned to date 

Academic Report

The academic report section includes:

  • Mid-Year or End-of-Year Assessment Percentage for each subject
  • Progress Score
  • Average Percentage for the Year Group
  • Attitude to Learning Score

Honour Rolls

New for academic year 2022-23, Honour Rolls have been introduced to reward impressive achievements in attainment and progress.

After each of the Mid-Year and End of Year Assessments, we identify students who have made it onto the ‘Honour Rolls’.

Honour Rolls highlight impressive achievements by students for attainment and progress.

Students can be awarded a maximum of 2 Honour Rolls within each assessment cycle.

There are 4 types of Honour Rolls: 

  • Subject Honour Roll (the 5 students who scored the highest marks in a particular subject) 
  • High Honour Roll (students who have scored the highest marks across 3 or more subjects) 
  • ATL Honour Roll (students who have earned ‘Excellent’ ATLs in 3 or more subjects) 
  • Progress Honour Roll (the 10 students who have made the most progress from the Mid-Year to End of Year Assessments; awarded after End of Year Assessments only) 

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