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Founded in 1677, as one of the oldest state schools in the country, The John Roan School has a distinguished history of supporting educational excellence for the young people of Greenwich.
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  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 7
    🇺🇸🏛TODAY in 19__ (tell us the year!) President Roosevelt repealed WHICH amendment and WHY? 🤨
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 6
    Some great facts here for Yrs 10 & 11 - give it a listen! Did you know that (wealthy) Tudors changed their underwear 2-3 times a day to keep clean rather than wash? Apparently it kept the smells at bay, although not sure we should convert just yet... even in lock down 🧼🛁
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@trishbullen - Apr 4
    Our Conor attempting the 100 Challenge . Practice will make perfect !
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@benantell1 - Apr 4
    This video encapsulates the key areas we should be focusing on when considering effective home learning
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@debbs_198 - Apr 4
    'The most important factor in learning new things is what one already knows'. Brilliant short talk from
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@missmhist - Apr 4
    History teacher dilemma! Which one to read first...
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 4
    If you are a feline lover like Miss Porter, you will also appreciate this truly magical photo from the 1918 Spanish Influenza outbreak in Ireland 😻
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 4
    HOT OFF THE PRESS! SEE NEWSLETTER FOR MORE ACTIVITIES 👇Huge kudos to all students, parents, carers and guardians for the last couple of weeks. From all of us at TJR history and politics dept, we hope you have a well-deserved break 🐣🙌👏
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@acaseforbooks - Apr 3
    Okay we're on! This Sunday at 6.30pm, live on my YouTube channel! Please RT to spread the word! I might even try and produce some prizes...
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 3
    👑 ‘It’s unfair for people to say that the Essex rebellion is Elizabeth’s fault. She shouldn’t have to change her leadership style just because it didn't suit him: he just couldn’t handle it. The Earl of Essex is a spoilt brat.’ - Bella in Y10, feminist icon in the making? 👏👏👏
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 3
    Correct guess from Ella in year 8! 💪
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Apr 3
    Still waiting for a correct guesser from year 7 and year 8!