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Founded in 1677, as one of the oldest state schools in the country, The John Roan School has a distinguished history of supporting educational excellence for the young people of Greenwich.
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  • thejohnroan Retweeted@helenbranwood - Jun 6
    Thank you. It was fun.
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@lesleypiper6 - Jun 6
    Well done to The John Roan School. What an enjoyable evening for a great cause.
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Jun 6
    Thank you for coming! Hope you had a great evening and your scores weren’t affected too much by technical glitches..
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@mrsmaggiew - Jun 6
    Great evening! Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into it!
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Jun 6
    Clearly Kahoot / Zoom were not equipped to deal with such a huge volume of eager quizzers!
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Jun 6
    Great evening tonight at the . We apologise for some technical issues but hope people had a fantastic night regardless. A phenomenal response from our school community. Thank you.
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@barry_causer - Jun 6
    Even in lockdown Lily is still enjoying her Saturday morning gymnastics session with the amazing .
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@missmhist - Jun 6
    Excellent achievement. Thank you to all those who came to the quiz last night and made it so enjoyable, for such a great cause.
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@historyroan - Jun 6
    Well done and thank you to all our quizzers for their participation last night. It was fantastic to see so many new and familiar faces! Proud of this school community. Not long off our fundraising target now 😱
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@ca_tyn - Jun 6
    We all loved it. Thanks to the fabulous hosts, tech support team and all who made it possible.
  • @thejohnroan - Jun 6
    Our school community is working to smash the Digital Divide and provide as many students as possible with laptops to help them work effectively at home. A community quiz last night with 81 households pitched against each other and wearing silly hats raised a stunning £700.
  • @thejohnroan - Jun 6
    Remote learning is going to feature in the lives of school children for some time to come. We are helping to smash the digital divide by raising money to buy laptops that we can lend to students who need improved access to learning from home.