News release 22nd August 2019

22nd August 2019

News release 22nd August 2019


                                    SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED RESULTS FOR THE SCHOOL!


The school was proud to celebrate GCSE results with its students today. 

There was much excitement as the class of 2019 came into school and opened their envelopes to see the results of their hard work last year.  The students have some great results – a significant improvement for the school from the previous year - and there are many individual stories of personal progress as well as some stunningly high grades.

Many have now secured their places in our Sixth Form and can enjoy the last few days of the school holiday before term starts again on 4th September.

We send a huge message of congratulations to all of our students and wish them well in their next steps, whether it is at The John Roan School Sixth Form or somewhere else, and look forward to meeting our new Year 12 cohort very soon.