Hope Memorial Trust

The Hope Memorial Trust was set up by Arthur Hope, a Headteacher at The John Roan in the 1920s, who wanted to give young people from Inner London the opportunity to experience the Lake District.

The Trust is run as a charity and the centre is rented out to organisations such as local schools, mountaineering groups and scouts.  The income generated from these lettings covers the cost of maintaining the centre and its 40 acres of land and allows the visits of pupils from the school to be heavily subsidised.

The trustees are a group of people who are connected to the school in some way. Three teachers -currently Ms Spong, Mr Soane and Mr Sayers – are also trustees. The Chair is currently an ex- teacher from the school – Mr Hoy as is Mr Upton. Mr Weir, the treasurer, who was a pupil at the school in the 1930s, has continued to play a valued role on the committee. The trustees recently added another ex- pupil – Mr Adam Zakaria who joined The John Roan in the late 1990s.

The trustees meet termly to discuss everything involved in running the camp whether it is the replacing of chairs, installing new eco-friendly central heating, putting in a log burner or checking lettings for the year ahead. The November meeting is always on site which gives us the opportunity to invite new staff to join us and see what the camp is all about.

Over the years we have also received a number of very generous donations from ex- pupils including a legacy from Mr Jerrom which enabled the mortgage for the current building to be paid off. The John Roan Foundation has also been very supportive over the years.

The trustees are very proud of the camp and endeavour to make it as an enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. Many of the pupils who have stayed at the camp say that they will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

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