School Vision and Aims

Vision 2021

John Roan students to be the best that they can be

The John Roan Pledge

The Governors of John Roan pledge to provide a rich, broad and deep education such that all students are able to make excellent progress whatever their starting points.

The John Roan Family

John Roan will be a learning community that involves all groups of parents and has strong links with feeder primary schools and local employers.

The John Roan Contribution

Students will develop a strong sense of pride in their association with John Roan. They will be increasingly involved with their community and will uphold local values.

The John Roan Adventure

Young people attending the John Roan will grow and develop over their 7 years at the school. They will experience a rich and exciting curriculum that simulates them in innovative learning experiences.

By 2021

  • Progress rates will be positive and rising
  • The community profile will be positive and improving
  • John Roan staff and students will be leading others
    • Through our support of other schools
    • In our successes in local competitions and events
  • The school will be oversubscribed and financially sound
  • Greenwich will be proud of the school

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