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15 May 2020

Are you eating well? 

A healthy diet will help you stay alert, keep your energy levels up and help your brain work at it’s optimum. Do you really need that chocolate while studying?

14 May 2020

Note taking.  

You’ll need to take notes in class, during independent study when reading, listening or watching. 

It’s worthwhile taking the time to learn a note taking method that will make it quicker and easier to refer back to. Cornell notetaking is one such method. Read the PowerPoint below and work through the activities. 

13 May 2020


In Sixth Form once something is taught it won’t be heavily revisited in lessons again. It will be built upon and used. You will need to recall information and to revise. This means your notes need to be kept in good order so you can revise from them and easily refer back to them. 

How are you organising your work? It should: 

  • Be in a different folder for each subject with a contents section so you can easily find things. 
  • Be organised into sections according to the specification for each subject.  
  • Have sections for the specification, class notes, assessed work, independent work and homework. 

How could you organise your bridging work?

12 May 2020

What is stopping you from working? 

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We allow ourselves to be stopped from working without really thinking about how we could minimise the distractions from working.  

It’s important to regularly check in with the factors preventing us from working. Some will be within our control, and so should be easily fixed. Others are out of our control so we must come up with ways to minimise their impact. 

Have a look at the Barriers to Learning Activity Sheet below.

11 May 2020

Time Management

Good time management is crucial to successful Sixth Form study. 

In our Sixth Form you will, on average, have 8.5 hours of private study time in school. You will also be expected to spend around 3-5 hours a week per subject as homework. 

To manage this workload you must have a plan. To get into the habit of this why not use the attached form to help you plan your time at the moment as you work on the tasks for each subject. See below for Time Management Method Activity Sheet.

Time Management Method

Note taking Cornell

Barriers to learning

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